3 Steps To Take Care Of Leather Bags


We treasure the things that we think are of value to us. One of these things are handmade leather bags. We treasure not only because they have been made with the finest leather brands in Italy but also because they are of great assistance to us. For instance, leather hand bags from https://th.borboletabag.com have been said to be very helpful to ladies. In fact, according to studies conducted in the US, many ladies love and adore their leather handbags. This is due to the fact that those bags are not only used to carry items that are dear to them, but also are items of fashion. In that regard, bags must be taken care of.

Handmade leather bags Italy must be taken care of for one to achieve their use maximally. If they are not, they may be dirtied or get damaged. Where a bag is damaged in less than a month after it was bought, the owner has to count losses and nothing less.

The main question begs: how do you maintain and take care of handmade leather bags? I will discuss these ways in this paper. These ways include storage, conditioning, waterproofing and cleaning.


Storage is very important for the maintenance of an item. A handmade leather bag must be stored appropriately. The bags should be stored in their dust bags. Storage in the dust bag does not expose the leather bag to dust and other foreign things that may scratch it or tear it. The bag will keep it away from crawling insects that may use the bag as their home especially where there are stored in dusty places. When stored, they need to be cleaned at least once in a fortnight. The bag and its dust bag should be kept in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight eats chars the leather color and in a period of time, the original deep color fades away.

Regular conditioning

Leather bags should be conditioned at least once a month. Conditioning leather involves wiping the leather surface with water or other liquids so as to moisturize it. Conditioning is necessary as it prevents the leather material from drying out and eventually looking dry and ugly. Moisturizing can be done by wiping the leather surface with a soft moist cloth.


Water can be very destructive to handmade leather bags. Waterproofing is thus necessary. Waterproofing is done by spraying the bag with water repellant and protection sprays. However, bee s wax may be applied even though it is imperative that you first smear the bees wax in an inconspicuous corner as bees wax can alter the color of dyed leather bags.

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