We are offically an architecture and design think -tank challenging notions of the built environment in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a collection of like-minded professionals focused on delivering thoughtful, unique design-oriented solutions. We specialize in re-thinking, re-imagining, and re-invigorating spaces, places, and things. We are the executors of our own work and we are here to serve the greater good.

We are operate an interior design practice, that is available to assist you in design-management and full-service interior design.

We have a dedicated website for that as well which is our outlet to the world. Functioning as our primary design sounding-board, this is a blog about re-imagining Atlanta, GA, that hopes to also provide a design voice for the city we love.

“Revisions” are blog posts that evaluate, re-interpret, and review the spaces that we are most familiar with. The intent is to demonstrate our thought process and to initiate a conversation about design. We embrace social media in effort to make architecture/design more accessible to the general public. If you would like to have your space featured on the blog, please contact us. We welcome your feedback via comments.

We share our passion for design, the profession, sustainability, the city of Atlanta, and of course “things we like” in our other regular columns. Some serious, thought-provoking morsels, and some just for fun. Check in with us often to see our latest revisions. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we continue the conversation and welcome interaction.