Business Telephone Systems


Choosing the right telephone system for your business is very important. Why? Because it will be an integral part of your business. It will help you to build your business and develop links with your clients. Choosing the wrong system will be a costly mistake. It could literally stifle your means of communication and lose you paying clients. There are lots of telephone systems to choose from, so you need to put some thought into your decision. The closer the mobiele telefonie you choose comes to meeting your requirements, the more benefits you will reap from it. Consider these points before you choose one:

– What kind of call volume does your telephone system support now and are you expecting call volume to increase in the future?

– Do you have any equipment or software that needs to be compatible with the new telephone system?

– Can you make a list of special features that you would like your phone system to have?

You also need to estimate how many trunks and extensions you need. Outside lines are called trunks and extensions are number of handsets, modems or fax machines you want to attach to your telephone system. The number of extensions you in your system needs to be higher than the number of trunks. The reason being that as calls are made a telephone system will allocate an outside line for that call. If you have fewer extensions than trunks you will run into problem as clients will find that your phones are constantly busy when they try calling you.

You may very well be uncertain as to what system you need and that means that you should speak with a representative from a telephone company that supplies services to businesses. The number of suppliers has grown dramatically since the liberalization of the market, making the number of telephone system suppliers very large. There are things to remember before you make the call to your chosen supplier…

– What are credentials of the company and do they have reputation of providing a good service?

– Will they provide a complete package that includes software and cables?

– What will support and maintenance by the company cost you in the long run?

– Can your new supplier provide training? If so, what is the cost for such training?

Do not be afraid to speak to a number of suppliers. It is quite common for telephone service companies to offer demonstrations of their systems and features that the systems offer as well as offering to negotiate on the costs. You will get a better idea of the level of support the company offers if you take the time to sit down and talk with them and they, in turn, will be able to suggest options and features that you may not even be aware that you need.

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