Coffee Lover’s First Choice—Arabiaca Coffee


coffee roasterThere are over 100 different coffee species in the world, but the most famous and popular species are กาแฟ อา รา บิ ก้า. Arabiaca is considered as the most superior choice.

Arabiaca grows in high elevated regions because it adds to the complex flavour and greater acidity of the coffee. Higher the elevation, he slowed the growth which impacts production and ultimately increase the cost.

Arabiaca Coffee tree takes around 5 to 7 years to fully mature. Hence small farmers do not take this huge risk of planting Arabiaca trees because they have to invest for a longer term. The lower levels of Arabiaca coffees make them more prone to insect damage and require lot more care and maintenance. It contains 60% more lipids compared to other coffee species and has twice the amount of sugar. These features plan an important part in not only the flavour but also the aroma and build of the body. Arabiaca beans taste better because of high sugar content which reduces the bitterness.

Arabiaca is rich in antioxidants, contains caffeine which helps one stay alert and focused. It is low in calories when consumed as black coffee. It is also used in beauty industry for its beneficial results when used as skin care product as it moisturizes, smoothens, nourishes and tones. Last but not the least, its comforting taste is yummy and one can enjoy the feeling of warmth.

When looking for best coffee brands, a little research is necessary because some coffee brands mix their beans, both arabiaca and robusta, which can lead to an unpleasant flavour.

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