Creativity-The Real IQ with Innovations


I believe that creativity is not related with high IQ. Only the people with high IQ are not innovators. Actually, the people with medium and average IQ are more creative and innovative. As all of us know that iq full form is Intelligence Quotient. According to me, iq is nothing but Innovation Quotient.

Creative intelligence and innovative thinking don’t depend on the factor like high intelligence. Of course, the high IQ may help but it is not necessary that you should be a super intelligent to innovate something. There are many examples in this universe, the person without the high IQ also achieved many admiring things. But their way of seeing the things around them was different compared to others. They have various cross ideas and thoughts which are unimaginable neither by a normal person nor by super intelligent.

Innovation Quotient can be improved only if you are eager to learn and understand the things in a creative way. As for the child, each and everything seems different and interesting, try to acquire those thoughts and recreate them. There shouldn’t be any barrier to your dreams and thoughts. Everyone can do this, but it requires practice and transformation of mind. Once you got control over this, it will be an excellent weapon in your creative world. There is nothing like you should have good IQ to succeed but you can also achieve something great with a super innovative quotient.

There is a misconception among the people that only the person with high IQ only can succeed in all the aspects of life like studies, job, salary etc., which is not true. Even they too have some difficulties. The gift of high IQ sometimes emerges as a prone in their daily life. Social-loneliness in the main difficulty they face in the society. It is because they cannot find the circle of friends who are similar to their thoughts. They are born with perfection. Sometimes if their perfectionism is not under control, it may lead to depression and personal rejection.

The intelligence of a person is not only restricted with his IQ. It is not only related to his academic percentage or mathematical knowledge. There are many aspects of intelligence. Few among them are Emotional intelligence, Spiritual intelligence, Intellectual intelligence and Innovative intelligence. Each one is different from one another. There is one statement said by an expert, “Person with a good Intelligence quotient can become a good manager but a person with good intellectual Intelligence quotient can become a good leader” which is very true.

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