Dental Implants in Arlington


Arlington has a good number of highly qualifies dentists. Most of them are proficient in the process of inserting dental implants. Many people prefer to get dental implants because it provides a strong base for replacement teeth. Dental implants are also quite durable compared to dentures and other forms of false teeth. Many people thus visit dentists in Arlington to get these dental implants. Over the years, dental implants have emerged as an effective solution for people who have missing teeth, teeth falling due to old age or some accident, and loss of teeth due to various other dental problems. Dental implants look and feel just likes natural teeth and unless you tell about it yourself, an outsider cannot make out that you have got an implant.

Dentists in Arlington make use of medical grade Titanium based products to create dental implants. These implants fuse with the jaw bone with time providing you with a natural feel. On top of it, false teeth are placed and they remain stable over long periods of time. They do not slip or affect your speech like dentures. People can also eat whatever they want. Let us have a look at the parts of a dental implant

Initially a type of screw called the implant is attached to the jaw. This serves as a root for new tooth. The screw permanently attaches the teeth to the jaw. This followed by the placement of an abutment which is a connector responsible for holding the teeth in place. This abutment can be removed by a doctor. On top of this a crown or prosthetic tooth are placed. These artificial tooth are manufactured using zirconium or porcelain for a long lasting effect.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single teeth or an entire jaw. However, the treatment requires the person to be healthy. Gums of the person should be healthy mainly for this procedure of placement of dental implants. Otherwise, several other procedures should be undertaken by doctors. People using dentures are considered to be the ideal candidates for dental implants also. As opposed to popular belief, age is not a constraint for getting this treatment with dental implants.

Dental implants require time and a small surgery with local anaesthesia during which a dentist places the implants in the mouth .It takes anywhere between weeks or months for these implants to fuse into the jaw bone. After the implants are fused, false tooth are placed over them. The time duration of the procedure depends on the bone health of the patient and also his or her general health.

Dental implants if once placed remain strong for the entire life time of a patient. These dental implants in Arlington have been present since the past 30 years or so. But sometimes they may require modifications which again depend on the quality of surgical placement of these implants. Dental implant patients do not require any specialized care after the surgery. They however have to get it checked by a dentist regularly. Sometimes special brushes and floss are prescribed by dentists for patients who have got all their teeth replaced with dental implants

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