Different Home Security System Types


If you are looking to secure your house while you are not there and you thought of installing a home security system, you are no the right track. However, the question you must ask yourself now is Which kind of home security system do I need? In fact, as technology evolves, there are tons of different home security system types. This brandkast will guide you through them.

home security system typeIndoor Home Security System:

Indoor home security system is probably the most common home security system type. It is use to monitor your doors and windows. The alarm system starts upon opening. The home security system is managed through a control set. In order to turn the system on, you must enter your code. If you forget to do so, your home security system won’t starts if someone opens the door. In order to turn it off (it starts even if you open the front door with your key), you simply have to put back your code in the control set again.

Monitored Home Security System:

When purchasing a indoor home security system, one of the option is to have it monitored or not. An unmonitored system only rings a loud siren noise if you don’t key in the right code on your control set. Monitored home security systems alerts a central call center if an alarm has been triggered. Therefore, a representative will automatically call you at home (where the alarm system rings) and ask you for a security password (different than the one used on the control set). If you fail to give the right code, he will then call the police.

Outdoor Home Security System:

Another type of home security system is the outdoor alarm system. It monitors movements on your ground, driveways or pool (very important if you have kids!). The outdoor home security system open lights upon movements detected. More advanced systems will ignore light movements from animals. If you have a cat or a dog, it can be an interesting feature. If not, your system could wake up some of your neighbours throughout the night for no real reasons.

Other Type of Home Security System:

Beside the classic indoor/outdoor home security system that protects your house and ground, there are several additions to protect different aspect of your home:

Fire Protection Home Security System:

Regular smokes detector rings upon smoke detection. However it’s not much of use if you are away from your house. This is why home security companies are offering a monitoring service altering a central call upon detection.

Stress Sensor Home Security System:

We are now entering in a high tech and heavy secure measures for you house. I doubt you would ever need that but there are stress sensors activated by pressure (sensors are place under a carpet or flooring).

Video Surveillance Home Security System:

This is a more high tech and secure way to protect your home. Video surveillance systems works with close-circuit television (CCTV) or with wireless video surveillance (VSS). They can be connected to a TV or a VCR. The main disadvantage of this kind of system is that you can’t stand in front of the TV all days and nights. This is why a VCR could be of use.

While this type of home security system sounds a bit extreme for a regular house, I strongly recommend that you verify if you have one in the entrance if you live in an apartment or a condo. Another useful place to install a video surveillance home security system would be nearby a pool.

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