Gold’s Gym Trainer 720


Treadmills have turned out to be the best exercise devices these days. It is suitable for people of all ages. Once people get to know how to use the device, they can install it at home also. The new foldable range of treadmills is very good for home usage. Gold’s gym trainer 720 is quite easy to assemble and even beginners can use it. A treadmill is a device which is suitable for people of all sizes. Using it can help a person remain healthy and free of diseases. Treadmills are one of the most sought after exercise devices today.

Beginners and experts alike can adjust speeds and inclinations on the Gold’s gym trainer 720 device to exercise. This exercise machine is used mainly for fat burning, cardio and sprint training work outs. It can improve the heart health, burn calories and can also improve your performance if you are actively involved in any sport. According to the American Heart Association, a 30 minute workout on the treadmill can improve the cardio capacity and stamina of an individual.

The Gold’s Gym trainer 720 treadmill is well suited for beginners and is quite compact. It is manufactured by the globally renowned fitness centre called Gold’s Gym. The model has a  20” x 55” running area and is foldable. This foldable mechanism makes use of the patented SpaceSaver technology. Because of this technology it is apt for use in homes or in places with space constraints. It is equipped with a G-Force 2 motor. One can choose from the ten levels of resistance while working out on this device. You can reach speeds up to 10 mph. It enables you to make speed and incline changes which are very much essential for beginners. The changes can be made using the Quickselect keys located on the console of the device.

The console also features a cooling fan and two large cup holders. One can listen to their favourite music as well as it is compatible with iPod and MP3 players. The device has a life time warranty period provided by Gold’s Gym for the frame. The device is the best in the price range. It is quite economical as well. This model is designed with the AirStride (TM) Cushioning system that keeps the deck rigid and supportive to prevent injury and add to the comfort. The device has a small display screen which makes it difficult to read while working out. It can bear a weight capacity up to 300 pounds only.

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