How To Capture Mobile Phone Conversations Using Spying Technology?


In the growing era, mobile phones are one of the important gadgets that everyone use. Initially mobile phones were just used for communication and but, now they are available with many features and applications. One such application used by people is spying application. This was allowed to use by private investigators and Government officials before. But now, normal people also can use such application for their personal reasons.

There are lot of cell phone spy programs available today in which few applications like NetSpy app, etc. are great and many of them are average level and few are terrible. One of the most basic features of the cell phone spying program is the ability to catch details of phone conversations which are incoming calls and outgoing calls. Most mobile phone spying programs will provide you with the information regarding phone calls such as

  1. Whether it was an incoming call or outgoing call
  2. The time duration of the call
  3. The phone number of the person which is dialed, if it was an outgoing call or the phone number of the person who called the suspect’s phone, if it was an incoming call

A few mobile phone spy applications actually provide you the information what is going on the conversation itself by allowing you to listen into it. How does spy app alerts you during incoming or outgoing call happening on suspect phone? The way it works is when the phone with the spy app installed either receives or makes a phone call, your phone (you specify the phone number you wish to receive events and notifications from in your members area) gets a text message from the mobile phone spy server letting you know that the suspect got an incoming or outgoing call the instant it happens.

At that time, you should dial that person’s number and instead of hearing the mobile device ringtone they don’t hear anything. Now you get tapped into the conversation as a silent third-party. In other words, you can listen clearly what both of them are speaking with each other as conference call does but, they can’t hear you.

If you are looking to know what about the phone conversations of potential cheating lover, spouse, your son or daughter or an employee, then mobile phone spying applications is the ultimate tool for getting the truth. You can choose the best spy apps by looking into their reviews.

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