It’s festive season a time when beaches flock with scads of people all looking forward to having fun away from their busy schedule. Looking gorgeous and attractive seems like a course everyone had taken prior to this time. For ladies, an elegant curvaceous stretch-mark free body is all you need to define and esteem you during this period. For gents, how about flossing with prominent biceps, triceps and a complete set of six-pack rendering you an all sexy look? This is how:

Eat and drink healthy

This is the moment to take your tape and measure your waist and hip circumference to determine the ratios. Take your body mass index as well and if it shows you are overweight (BMI greater than 25), it’s time to cut on that fatty diet. Reduce both the amount and the type of food rich in fats. Replace it with a high fibred balanced diet that contains reduced carbohydrates. You might opt to supplement the daily ration with products that will help in losing weight and controlling your appetite.

For men, protein shake helps in converting your excess fats stored in adipose tissue around the waist or tummy into muscle mass. This will work perfectly if you combine this diet with aerobic and resistance exercises. Drink a lot of water too. Six glasses a day should be the minimum. Remember you need to keep your skin moist and hydrated if you are to sit in the scorching sun and swim in the salty turquoise ocean waters.

Get the kettle bell

This is the perfect way to go for amateurs in pursuit to get a beach body. It can help you lean in a matter of weeks and overcome that nagging dangling fat around your waist. The training encompasses the boons of intensively high cardio-workout with the dumbbell. The outcome of the kettlebell workout is most visible by the transformation in your chest and shoulders, the body core and the legs. Your grip is also enhanced to bring out an all-round bodacious masculine body.

For females, the kettlebell will embellish your abs gracefully and tighten your skin so that it clings tightly to your body curves. Combining this with squats will yield a gorgeous appearance of well-toned muscles, flexible and supple knees and a round, firm, turgid and sexy butt that fills up your bikini lavishly. The squats will also give your hips the swiveling and sauntering gait. Trust me you will get a beach body that people won’t stop admiring.

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