How To Make A Positive Change In Your Life


People often find themselves stuck in a rut in life, and don’t know how to go about getting out. You’ve got to take a long hard look at your life, what’s in it and what’s not, and then make a consorted effort to change things! Check out the following tips that can help you find a way to better living.

1. Figure out what it is you want. Often times it’s hard to put your finger on what you truly want out of life. Sit down and think things over, preferably with pen and paper. Look at where you have been, who has been there with you and where you would like to see yourself down the road. Think about sitting in the same spot sometime in the future and looking back to now: what is it you would like to see there?

2. Set goals in attainable increments. Many people set out on the loftiest of goals, only to disappoint themselves when they are not able to reach them. Setting yourself up for failure is just about the worst possible mistake of personal development, because you will be hesitant about resetting goals and trying again. Be realistic and make sure your aspirations fit into your schedule, lifestyle, budget and family.

3. Prepare a plan to reach your goals. Just like starting up a business, you need to have a solid map of your future. Know what it will take to get you where you want to be; have a back-up plan that you can employ in the event of unforeseen obstacles. Once you’ve finished your plan, print it up and keep it somewhere readily accessible to you.

4. Reward yourself for every achievement. Every little step you take toward your personal development goals is a step in the right direction and you need to be proud of yourself. Do something out of the ordinary that makes you feel special and worthy. Without giving yourself any reason to feel guilty, pat yourself on the back however you like!

5. Adapting to permanent change. Understand that the goals you are working for represent changes you will need to adapt to, even if they are things you want so badly! Other areas such as relationships and career may seem different to the new you, and you to them. Be ready for the good things that come of your positive changes but also prepare for possible friction, including from yourself. Most of us resist change at first, no matter what it’s for.

6. If you fail to meet a goal. Try and try again? Yes, but also try to figure out what missteps resulted in your shortcoming. Vow to resolve what ever obstacles stood in your way by tearing them down bit by bit. Failure to ignore the reasons you didn’t succeed might just see you missing the mark on the next attempt. Part of personal development is the learning process itself, so you must be capable of seeing yourself in a truthful light which may not be flattering but which will help you toward your end goals.

Although fate may hand us many different challenges in life, it’s up to us how we handle them and what we make of life. Learn to hold your chin up higher, be completely honest with yourself and set your life on a course that will give you greater satisfaction and happiness.

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