How To Prevent Weeds In Walkways?


There is nothing worse than seeing your beautiful walkway ruined by sudden growth of weeds. The weeds and grasses can make their way through cracks, in between the paving stones and gravel. Sometimes, no matter how often you pull the weeds out they grow back in increase in the quantities. There are some methods to remove the weeds from walkways, it will depend on the type of walkway you have.

The best time to avoid the weed growth through the walkway cracks, seems and joints are to take preventive measures before even installing walkway hardscapes. However, if you already have a paving stone driveway, brick walkway or a patio installed at your place, there are still steps you can take to prevent the weed growth. Here are some ways to prevent weeds from driveways:

Seal the cracks: If the weeds are growing through cracks of concrete walkways or the seams between slabs then you can seal them up to prevent the weed growth. Cement filler is inexpensive and can be found easily at hardware shops, some of them come handy in squeeze bottles with application tips. Other options will require caulking gun and are applied like caulk to fill in the cracks.

Spread some commercial weed killer: There are plenty of weed killers available in the market to help you to solve all your weed problems. Purchase the best commercial weed killer to see the positive results, both natural and chemical options are available to suit individual needs. You should remember to apply the chosen weed killer regularly to reduce weed growth.

Pull the weeds before they seed: If you want to reduce the weed growth, it is important to pull out the current weed before they start seeding. Once the weed starts to have seeds, they can quickly spread to grow larger in other cracks or other parts of walkway.

Keep the garden tools neat and clean: Regularly clean your weeding tools and gardening tools after each use. Weed seeds are easily carried through garden tools, so even if you are carrying a towel from the flowerbed to shed you could probably depositing weed seeds.

Salt the earth: One possible way to prevent weed growth is to sterilize the soil, salt is easy and inexpensive way to do this. You should be careful and must not get the salt anywhere near the soil where desirable plants will grow.

Weeds can really ruin the look of your walkways and can even damage the surface as weeds will absorb the water and allow expansion of cracks. These methods will surely help you to remove the weed completely from walkways.

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