How To Setup Your Sound Bar For Maximum Sound?


Many people have a doubt on how to improve the sound effects of a Sound bar system and if you see how you will set up the sound bars are simple and there are a few basic tips anyone can follow to improve the sound and performance of their compact audio system. While your soundbar will obviously be placed above or below your television or computer, these simple tips and adjustments can make a world of difference in the output and clarity of your system.

First tip regrading how to place your sound bar is positioning at your eye level when sit and listen to the music or video with sound effects. In this case listening position would be where you will sit to watch the TV but in case of computer placing the same sound bar on your computer table will be best.

Keeping your soundbar at eye level will provide you with non-directional sound without making bounce off other object which may degrade your sound. When you place the sound bar at eye level, it will help to reduce the likelihood of your surround sound effects and resulting in an unexpected bounce which you won’t get when positioned incorrectly.

Second, it is possible to avoid placing sound bars near to the window as sound may get reflect off of windows. Windows considered as a huge source of reflection and sound loss. There is no home without windows and hence, it is recommended to use a heavy window covering to reduce your sound loss. Window coverings also help by dramatically reducing light when you watch your television which can be a nice added bonus while watching movies and TV.

In addition to windows, try to recognize other objects that may absorb or reflect your sound such as large posters or pictures with glass in the frames, glass/wood tables, etc. They are considered as the potential sources of sound loss and to prevent sound loss remove them or cover them with a cloth to maximize your sound effects.

Many of the soundbars are completely plug and play and hence, use built-in amplification. While some may use external amplifiers or receivers referred to as “passive sound bar systems”. This will in turn maximize your sound effects. It is better to reduce the number of reflective surfaces such as glass or hardwoods and maximize softer surfaces using curtains and coverings. Having a subwoofer is one of the best enhancements to any sound system and one such soundbar having best woofer sound system is soundwiz. Here you will the sound bars with extremely good output of sound effects.

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