How to watch movies online?


In this digital era, it is extremely difficult to find movies online at affordable rates. There are many websites where one can watch movies for free .But it is tough to find a reliable one. Most of them are either pirated sites or filled with virus. This virus can spread and infect your entire computer or mobile phone. This is one of the prime reasons why people refrain from watching movies online.

Many service providers like HBO, Netflix and Hulu broadcast movies and TV shows at a fixed price every month. The paid services are however quite expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. The free trial period offered by these sites is not enough to watch a number of movies online. There are many kiosks available throughout the country where one can rent DVDs at reasonable rates. But often people have to travel long distances to get the DVD and again later to return them which is not a feasible option in this day and age.

It has been found that the easiest ways to watch movies these days is through movie streaming websites like that are available aplenty over the internet. The Internet has evolved so much that, a person can even see movies from different countries and those that are available in several languages. But there is a major glitch associated with watching movies on these streaming sites .For one, watching movies online for free causes an infringement of the copyright law. Illegal streaming of copyrighted material is banned under the Copyright Act of 1976.If someone is caught doing this; they have to pay a substantial amount of money as fine.

But with the internet, anything is considered possible .So many website owners have found numerous legal and illegal ways to stream content online for free. One needs to have patience and search the internet thoroughly to get hold of genuine sites where a person can watch movies online free without signing up.

Internet Movie Archive is one such great site where one can watch old classics and movies whose copyright status has expired. A person however cannot watch new movies in this website. This is one of the major drawbacks. But the site is legal and does not ask you to sign in or pay a subscription fee. The best way to find free movies to watch in this website is by visiting the feature films section. This section has around 6000 movies which are grouped on the basis of their popularity.

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