Landscaping in Victoria


Landscaping plays a great role in enhancing the beauty of a house or office. It has gained huge prominence in the recent years and nowadays value of properties is being determined by the landscaping practices. It has been found that people who have invested in landscaping techniques for their home gardens are commanding higher prices compared to those with a badly kept garden. In fact recent studies have even proven that, landscaping is better than any other home improvement techniques in increasing the value of a property.

A group of people called landscape architects of are recruited by house owners and company owners for the purpose of increasing the visual appeal. Landscaping Victoria is easier compared to other states in Australia. This is because Victoria is blessed with a mild climate which can help in the growth of flowering plants. In fact Victoria is also called as the city of gardens for precisely the same reason. A good and well landscaped garden can turn heads and attract people to buy your property. On the other hand it is found that properties with unkempt gardens are usually looked down upon in Victoria.

A landscape that assures low maintenance is surely going to draw a lot of investors. Hence you have to keep in mind to concentrate on a single focal point while landscaping Victoria. It can be as simple as a door, but if there are trees and shrubs covering it, it gives the idea that the garden is not well maintained. Another trick is to choose a lesser number of plants and also those that require less pruning or watering. Do not plant more colourful plants as they give the impression of a garden that requires extensive maintenance.

Consider planting in layers to focus the buyer’s attention towards your home. Make sure that the plants in the garden are not masking the doors and windows of your house. Try repeating plants associated with mass such as a lane of shrubs. Plant in three layers with the tallest plants in the back row, a middle row with less taller plants and finally the last row with the shortest plants. These can create the effect of a well maintained garden.

Know the names and the conditions of soil, light and water requirements of each of the plants in your garden. Maintain an inventory of the same which can help future buyers or landscape architects to better plan the garden in the future. Landscaping Victoria has evolved a lot and has now emerged as an essential prerequisite for those looking to buy a property.

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