Lifestyle issues that impact the performance of men


Men are these days leading hectic lives and are consuming unhealthy food. All this is taking a toll on their performance. Male fertility levels are reducing rapidly and scientists are warning that if the trend continues, human beings could fall under the threat of extinction in the near future. Knowing about the lifestyle factors that are impacting the performance of men’s styles that can help men in making changes to their lifestyle which in turn can improve their performance. Some of the factors that are affecting the lifestyle of men are

Smoking – Smoking regularly does have a negative effect on the general health and well being of men. Furthermore it has been found that people who smoke have a lower quality of sperm compared to others. Smoking also impacts a man’s performance drastically. It is not easy to quit smoking but these days men have options which can help them to get rid of this addiction slowly.

Stress – Men who are more stressed are unable to perform well in bed. A stress hormone normally affects the quality of sperms. Even though it is very difficult to reduce stress, a good nutritious diet, enough sleep and regular exercise help in managing stress effectively. Performing yoga and meditation on a regular basis helps to bring down the levels of stress which in turn can boost the performance of men. If you are unable to reduce stress by taking all these steps, you can get in touch with a counsellor or a mental health specialist who can help you in reducing the stress levels.

Diet – A poor diet is found to hamper the performance levels of men drastically. A good diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetable is usually ideal in increasing performance levels. Sperm count and performance depend on largely on zinc which is found mostly in foodstuffs like nuts, sardines, fish, brown rice, whole grains and eggs. A reduced intake of any of these food stuffs can result in reduced performance levels.

Exercise – Exercise should be done moderately. A very high level of exercise can result in reduced performance in men. Excessive exercise reduces the levels of testosterone in the vody which is the hormone responsible for good performance and healthy sperms in men.

Alcohol – Alcohol, just like smoking has a negative effect on the performance levels of men. Huge alcohol intake reduces the levels of testosterone, which in turn can reduce male libido and result in impotencies. By making good lifestyle choices, men can increase their performance levels to a greater extent.

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