Monitoring Your Kids’ Social Media – Facebook and WhatsApp Tracking


Parents worry all the time about their children activities of using mobile phones frequently for their personal reasons. Nowadays, children and teens use mobile phones for social media sites such as Facebook and messenger sites like Whatsapp. There is some new way introduced to keep a check on your kid’s activities on Facebook and Whatsapp without asking at them or seeing their mobile without the knowledge of them. This is possible with the spying application which will allow you to keep a track on your kids.

You can manage to see your kid’s facebook account without enforcing any rules on them. Your kids will never know that you are monitoring all the facebook activities of them. But you can keep a tab on your kid’s activities silently and let your kids enjoy a healthy and normal online social life. The same can be done for kids using Whatsapp more.

How Facebook tracking works?

You can check all the details of your Kid’s activities on facebook without the knowledge of your kids. You can have access to the Messages, conversations, media exchanged between your kid and his friends as well as other activities. You can check all these activities by just logging in remotely. Here you don’t have to ask at your kids to give their smart phones to check the details.

All the activities on Facebook can be remotely checked then and there in the control panel. Now, another thing is that your kids went outside but still you can monitor their facebook activities by staying inside your home. There is no need of worry about distance to monitor them as you can do this staying anywhere at any time.

Other noteworthy feature of tracking app is that there are some spy apps for android phones free versions are available which can be even used to monitor the Facebook activities of kids. Thus, you can do real-time monitoring or tracking of Facebook account using free service of spying apps. This helps to keep your kid secure and you can take timely action in case of any emergency as well.

How does WhatsApp tracking work?

With WhatsApp tracking, you will get access to all the chats and other messages like photos, videos that your kid is exchanging with his/her friends. Not only this, the additional information like files which are shared by your kids with their friends can also be accessed. So, in other words, you can do real-time monitoring of your kid’s activities on WhatsApp without letting them know and also check every detail of the sender.

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