Morocco Holiday Guide


If you want to have one of the best holidays in the past few years then you should definitely visit Morocco. Although it is very close to Spain, you will definitely notice the difference between Europe and this amazing country that has kept the traditions alive for many centuries. You will be amazed by the colorful Islamic culture that will sweep your senses away and fill you with a lot of cultural experience. So keep on reading to find out which are the best places to visit in Morocco and how can you make the best of this holiday trip.

Tangier, that faded libertine on the coast has traditionally been a first port of call, but you will rapidly progress along the Atlantic coast to the cosmopolitan and movie-star famous Casablanca, and amazing fishing ports like Asalih and Essaouria. Inland, the great imperial cities of Marrakesh and Fez have been attracting many visitors for many centuries. The winding streets of their ancient medinas have enough surprises around each corner to make holiday unforgettable. Away from the urban humdrum, you will find Roman ruins and craggy valleys that are filled with solitude.

Places to visit

 When you are in Morocco, you just need to visit certain cities so you can understand and enjoy all the experiences that Islamic Africa has to offer. You should visit the capital Rabat which is a very peaceful place. Here you can find a 12th century tower and minaret. Casablanca is the city where the old meet the new. You can visit the old medina and the mosque built in this century which is the third largest in the world. One of the oldest cities in Morocco is Fez so it’s worth spending an afternoon in the former capital. Marrakech is another example of old meeting new and you will surly enjoy the old ruins and the contemporary plaza that will simply take your breath away with its beauty. If you want to visit the well preserved beaches then you should definitely go to Tetouan or Agadir which are known for their welcoming feeling that they give you. Don’t forget to take a peek at the largest Roman ruins in Morocco which are located in the city of Volubilis.

One time experience

 Though it is said that the country of Morocco is itself a unique experience, you might miss out something very important without going to hammams. These are the traditional steam baths that can be found all over Morocco. You have two options: you can go for the tourist hammam which is dedicated only for tourists and the services are at better quality; the prices are a lot higher as well. The other option is the popular hammam which is opened for all the locals. You will have to do everything yourself here but the costs are significantly lower. Men are forbidden to be nude but women can feel free because there are separate hammam rooms for men and women. And don’t get suspicious when someone offers a massage because it has no sexual meaning since this kind of behavior is strictly forbidden.

Hotels and restaurants 

You will find a lot of great places to stay in when you are visiting Morocco. You will find affordable places to stay and you can even experience the life of an ordinary Moroccan. For example, auberges are usually found in small towns and they are traditional houses that are being rented for tourists. If you don’t want to have this full experience of a Moroccan you can always stay at a hotel or at a youth hostel if it fits your budget better.

The traditional cuisine of Morocco is said to be one of the best in the world and you will have an ultimate culinary experience if you choose one of the traditional foods. These include Couscous which is made from steamed grains that go very well with the tangine which is a spicy stew meat mixed with delicious vegetables. Other traditional foods are kaliya which is made from lamb, tomatoes, pepper and onion and Pastilla which is a rich meal that includes meat, dough, paste and a sweet pastry covered in powered sugar. Of course, you can always go with the meals that you are used to and try some rasted chicken or some sandwiches.


 Being an African country, Morocco has very hot summers and very cold winters. So the best time to visit this country is during the spring or fall. This is when the perfect weather is and you won’t suffer from any problems caused by weather. If you want to visit this country in the winter then you should go to the south but make sure that you pack warm clothes for the cold nights. Hopefully you will discover all the amazing culture that Morocco has to offer.

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