Motorcycle Brake Rotors – Not to Be Neglected!


The longer that you keep your motorcycle the more familiar you will be with the various components that make up your motorbike. You will also be more knowledgeable when it comes to repairs and parts replacement. Naturally, motorcycle components wear out from years of friction and use. Your brakes and rotors should be checked regularly and replaced every few years. Motorcycle brake rotors do last longer than brake pads but invariably they will reach the point where they will also need to be replaced.

The motorcycle brake rotor is disk inside of your motorcycle’s brake system. Your brake pads press against it to stop it from spinning and thus slow the motorcycle down when you want to stop. As stated earlier, your brake pads will always wear out before the brake rotor, but you brake rotors will also need replacing at some point.

If you perform most of your motorcycle maintenance yourself, you could probably replace your motorcycle’s brake rotor yourself in your garage. I do not need to tell you to be careful about observing how everything fits together so that you can put the brake system back together afterwards. Test the brake system gently and carefully before going full throttle on the open road.

When you are ready to replace your brake rotor be sure to buy from a reputable brand. If you are unsure about what to brand of rotor to go with, get advice from your local motorcycle mechanic as this ultimately affects the safety of your motorcycle ride.

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