Nectar of Life Puerto Rican Coffee beans


So where does Nectar of Life Coffee Bean coffees come from?

Located 1800 feet above sea level is the in the mountains on the western part of Puerto Rico is a shade coffee plantation. Puerto Rico is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

The plantation where Nectar of Life Organic Coffee Beans Puerto Rican beans are grown is dedicated to selling only first-class coffee and using the principles of sustainable agriculture. The plantation is in partnership with University of Puerto Rico, the College of Agriculture, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico.

The coffee trees were planted following the contour lines to prevent soil erosion and without tilling. A variety of shade trees was added to provide nutrients for the coffee trees as well as a resting spot for migratory birds, making the plantation a wildlife habitat.

The use of pesticides and fertilizers is kept at an absolute minimum to preserve the ecosystem here.

Only Arabica coffee which is of the Bourbon variety is used. Arabica coffee flourishes in the shade. By hand, the ripe bright red berries are picked. Green berries are not ready to pick although many commercial coffees pick once and take all the berries that are in various stages of ripeness or shades of green and red. They are then processed with a new technology called ecologic processing using minimal amounts of water. This allows the harvest byproducts to be used on the plantation.

Coffee beans are dried to 12% of moisture.

Try our Nectar of Life fresh roasted coffee beans Puerto Rican Coffee. You can buy it roasted in three different levels of roast. You can also buy it green and ready to roast at home in your home roaster.

You are going to love this coffee… Because it is so good.

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