Raise A Happy And Healthy Mixed Breed Dog With Dog Dna Tests


Nowadays thousands of people are submitting the DNA of their dogs to officials in order to know about the breed of the dog. Dog DNA tests are usually performed out of

Curiosoity – It is a fun game to actually guess the breed of the dog based on what the dog looks like and how it behaves. But it is much more interesting to know about the breeds that are the chief contributors to a dog’s DNA. While one can go on guessing,there is nothing better than a DNA test to provide accurate results.

Behaviour – Behaviour of the dog is mostly linked to genetics. Back in the time when dogs had jobs, genetics played a crucial role. Border Collies for example herd very well because when you trace it back to the roots, the ones that didn’t herd were never bred at all thus stopping their genes from multiplying. Labradors on the other hand are known for their friendliness and good social behaviour. Thus knowing about the traits can help you to understand your dog better.

Health –Allergic dog food ingredients and Genetics play a crucial role in determining the health of a dog. If a dog’s gene had traces of heart trouble or any other related issues for example, you can take better care of the dog and can prevent it from suffering from such terrible diseases. Also knowing about the breed specific health risks can help you to catch a health problem rather early.

DNA tests for dogs can be performed using blood sample or saliva. While collecting the blood sample needs a trip to the veterinary doctor, collecting saliva sample can be done at home. There are many companies that are manufacturing DNA tests these days. All you have to do is to send a sample and the test results will be ready in a matter of few days.

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