Ryan toy review


Every avid Youtube watcher is aware of Ryan, child who has made a mark for himself by reviewing toys across Youtube. It is a well known fact that kids love toys. But sometimes, kids and their parents will not be aware of the best toys to purchase. Ryan toy review addresses this problem by reviewing toys available in the market on a daily basis. These reviews have become widely popular and kids and parents look for the reviews of a particular toy before purchasing it.

Ryan toy review Youtube channel is creating waves since the past three years. In this channel, Ryan, a small six year old boy plays with hundreds of toys and reviews them on a daily basis. Now, Ryan has a toy line of his own. This toy line is the result of a pact that is signed between Pocket. Watch which has partnered with Ryan and his family for the initiative. It is also associated with a couple of toy companies namely the Bentex Group and Bonkers Toys. Some of the toy items that regularly feature in the toy review are cars, fire trucks, space ships etc. which are driven around by the six year old boy, Ryan. Additionally the show also features Ryan in various superhero and astronaut costumes. These Toys reviews are tremendously helping the toy companies to gain more customers.

Ryan’s Youtube channel is a huge success. The channel currently boasts of 12 million subscribers and has received more than 19 billion views in the past three years itself. It is counted to be one amongst the top family friendly Youtube channels today. The Ryan toy review channel has generated revenue of $11 million in just a period of one year. Ryan’s line of toys is expected to hit the retail stores this fall season.

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