Skateboard Cost


Cost of a skateboard plays a crucial role in buying a good skateboard. While it is always not true that skateboards are costly, some boards which are very cheap are not good to buy. Sometimes cheaper skate boards are manufactured using inferior quality materials. These can break down causing accidents. They are not considered good in such cases.

If one wants to buy skateboards for just a casual use, some of the skateboards available in the local departmental stores are just sufficient. If you want to become an expert skateboarder or if you want something that is durable and can be helpful for a longer duration, one should buy skateboards from . Some of the unbranded skateboards have also proved to be quite effective over the years. Some of the factors to consider while choosing the best appropriate skateboard are

Wheels – Skateboard wheels made of urethane or rubber are considered to be the best when choosing a good skateboard either for you or your kid. Plastic wheels do not provide the necessary friction and may cause accidents. Rubber wheels are not much durable but are better than plastic. Rubber wheels can rip themselves apart causing it to break mid way while skating.

Bearings – To check if the bearings are good or not, one should give the wheels a spin and make sure that they spin freely. It is better to check if they have a ABEC rating if there are any stamping on the wheels. The ABEC ratings provide a measure of the bearings of the wheel. The ABEC 9 ratings are a measure of high quality, precise, delicate and good spinning wheels. But these are not used in the manufacture of skateboards as they are considered very delicate. The ABEC 5 or 7 are considered to be appropriate for skateboards. Another parameter is that if the wheels do not spin freely or if they make any grinding sound, one should refrain from purchasing such skate boards.

The Trucks of a skateboard should be made of a sturdy material. It is better to opt for a truck with a brand name stamped on it as they will be cost effective and good for long term usage as well. if it does not have a brand name, the truck is considered to be made of a junkie material. There should be rubber bushings inside these trucks for effective performance as well. One has to make sure that these are made of rubber only and not plastic to reduces chances of accidents.

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