Spy on cell phones


Privacy has always been the concern not only by superstars but to normal individuals as well. With the technology today, private lives can be messed up. For example, spy on cell phones are rampant these days especially when your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or your parents suspects you to be doing something behind their back. If you are one of them, then maybe you should notice if they installed or did something to spy on cell phones.

With the technology today, cell phone spy are possible. They can track the calls you made and received as well as know what text message you received of sent out. More than that, with the GPS installed on your cellular phone, they can verify which location you went and even view what internet site you visited. Worst, even if your cellular phone is turned off, they can still monitor and know your whereabouts. If you don’t like these things then there are ways on how to know if your cell phone in installed with spy software.

When you hear weird sounds or clicks and ticks without touching your cellular phone or when making a call or sending a text message, it is a warning sign that spy on cell phones have been attached on your mobile device. Furthermore, it is not normal to feel or hear a static or pulsating noise. Make sure that this is not due to a bad reception because it is also a different story. If you hear a static noise, then a high possibility of spying software is tapped into your cell phone.

Other than that, if you feel that your mobile phone is overheating, then you should be in doubt. Although it is normal that your may feel heat especially when using the device for minutes of talking, it is not normal to feel heat even if you are not using your phone. You should then suspect that someone is spying on your cell phone. When you notice a sudden drain in your battery is another cardinal sign. The energy is used by the device installed in order to give constant feed to whomever spy on cell phones.

Lastly, when your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse or even your parents are suspicious and you noticed all these changes, there is a great likelihood that spy on cell phone software is installed into your device. And if you know that you are doing something out of the ordinary then maybe you should always bear in mind that your loved ones will find for ways on how to get you busted and one of which is to spy on cell phones.

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