Thailand Travel Guide


Thailand is the most famous travel hub in Southeast Asia. The Global travelers Visit Thailand to reach the Bangkok, it is the most visited country in Asia. Beaches, beauty, jungle and food are the first thing that comes to mind when thought about Thailand. With lush green forests, pristine beaches, amazing food and affordable prices for everything makes it favorite holiday destination for many travelers.

Thailand has lot too offer its visitors, no matter what the budget is. You can backpack Thailand with low budget or you can live luxurious travel life at resorts on beach sides. The Country has something for everyone. Visit the Grand Palace at the heat of Bangkok, Wat Pho. The place now is used for the royal ceremonies. Wat Pho is a striking place with many temples including Wat Pra kaeo which is a home for Emerald Buddha. Khao Sok National Park is rated as best place to visit in Thailand, you can have an adventurous holiday with camping, trekking, wildlife, walking paths, cooling rivers and lakes and limestone Karsts.

The Country is filled with numerous floating markets. Some of the best floating markets can be found at Bangkok. You can find boats filled with colorful goods and Thailand foods. Phuket is the biggest destination for tourism in Thailand, great beaches and amazing activities draws the attention of lot of tourists. Between Bangkok and Chiang Mai you can find three ancient capitals of the country – Sukhothai, Lopburi and Ayutthaya. You will get to learn about ancient Thailand and see the rural life.

Travelling Around Thailand can be within the budget because it is very affordable in every aspects like accommodation, food and activities. You can find cheap guesthouses, however you will get great discounts if you book the accommodations via online. Food is really cheap in Thailand, stick to some street foods as they are best in taste as well as cost. Most of the Western food vendors target the tourists are their prime customers, the food will be high compared to Thai foods.

Getting around Thailand is easy, the transportation mode include buses, train, taxis and flights. Like everything else in Thailand, transportation is also cheap. Thailand airport transfer is better choice to opt when travelling between the islands. This beautiful country is incredibly safe place to travel even if you are travelling solo.

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