Ultimate Guide To Windshield Scratch Removal


If you own a car then probably you have faced some windshield scratch issues atleast once. No matter how careful you are with your windshield glass, you will face this issues for sure. The scratches on car glass requires immediate attention because it is very dangerous to drive the car which has cracked glass because you never know when the glass will shed. Although, some scratches may not bother you but deep scratches should be replaced without a second thought.

Replacing the whole windshield is an expensive move, if the scratches on glass is small and liable then it can be repaired easily by using some materials available in the market. The small surface scratches can be treated and removed easily at the comfort of your home. Before trying your hand in fix scratched glass you need to know that there are two different types of car glass – laminated and tempered glass. The repair can be carried out only on laminated glass as they are used in windshields and it consist of two layers of glass with a plastic layer in between. These glasses are designed to withstand extreme force and remain shutter proof whereas tempered glass are used for side windows of a car and once it is cracked you have to replace it.

The reasons for scratches on car windshield may be caused due to small stones, car wipers or outside debris. If the scratch is bigger than 6 inches then you have replace the whole windshield because you cannot repair such big scratches. To repair small scratches, you need glass repair kit, cerium oxide, glass cleaner and dry soft cloth, if you have all this then you can repair the scratch like pro. Determine if the scratch is just surface scratch or a deep scratch by running finger nails on scratch, if your nails get stuck inside then that’s a deep scratch and no glass repair kit cannot repair it.

Once you have tested the type of scratch and if its there just on surface, you can start repairing it. Clean the windshield with water and allow it to dry completely, take few drops of cerium oxide on a clean dry cloth and apply it on scratch gently rub the solution in clockwise direction for few minutes and see if you can notice the scratch, if yes then repeat the same step until it is completely gone. Several attempts are required to achieve the positive results.

If you are afraid of causing more damage to the glass then it is advisable to take help of a professional expert because they will give a permanent results quickly. Today, every city has got glass scratch repair store and it is not difficult to find one for you.


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