Unhealthy Lifestyle of Men


An unhealthy lifestyle results in more illnesses and people will have to eventually spend more money to treat those illnesses. It also causes an increased burden on the healthcare systems in developing and developed countries. People are largely indulging themselves in leading unhealthy lives these days. They are making wrong food choices, leading sedentary lives etc. all of which are contributing towards their ill health.

If a person suffers from poor health, he will eventually have a shorter lifespan and will no longer be able to work. Instead of just depending on doctors and drugs when diseases strike, a person should make wise health choices right from the days of his youth or childhood which could keep diseases at bay when he reaches old age. There are many factors contributing to the unhealthy lifestyle. Let us have a look at aspiringgentleman.com  so that we can plan our lives in a better manner and not indulge in blaming it for everything in men’s life.

It is common knowledge that we live in a polluted world. Every individual is exposed to millions of toxins and chemicals every day. These toxins are present in the air we breathe, food we eat and the water that we drink. Eating of junk foods is rampant in countries these days and when illness strikes people consume hordes of antibiotics produced by pharma companies all of which are making men to lead unhealthy lives.

A majority of children and teenagers spend long hours in front of television and lead sedentary lifestyles. This has led to a generation that is obese and overweight. Children these days are introduced to a variety of junk foods from a young age by parents and friends. These junk foods comprise of high levels of sugar, salt and saturated fats which increases the cholesterol levels and thereby alleviates the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Even the healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are no longer healthy. Pesticides, Herbicides and fungicides are sprayed on these plant based foods to increase the yield while they are growing. This in turn is quite harmful for the human body and contributes to the unhealthy lifestyle. Even cattle are injected with hormones making the milk we consume highly unhealthy. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is on the rise and is the major contributor for unhealthy lifestyle of men. It can lead to cancer and heart disease killing men globally. Also stress affects lives causing many diseases. Thus an unhealthy lifestyle is to blame for everything in a man’s life.

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