Watch Movie Online On Android


Movies are one of the most sought after entertainment options these days. People can watch them on a variety of devices ranging from TVs, computers, phones etc. A small fraction of the population still watches movies in theaters. But a majority of them like to watch from the comfort of their home. Smart phones are quite common these days and almost every one owns one. These smart phones have a plethora of uses. People can play games, conduct banking transactions, listen to music, watch TV or engage in any other activity aside from just calling or sending messages.

Smart phones are mostly powered by Android or iOS operating systems. Of them, Android is the most prominent .You can now watch movie online on Android powered phone. The process is quite easy and you get to watch hundreds of films. These are quite helpful to kill the boredom when you are traveling alone or waiting somewhere. Some of the best Android apps that help people in watching free movies streaming online in

ShowBox – This is one of the most popular Android streaming apps that is currently available in the market. This app does not ask you to login or register prior to watching a movie. It does not show any ads or pop ups during the course of watching movies. It supports HD quality movies. The app helps you to enable subtitles and to choose movies on the basis of rating, genre, type and year. It even allows you to download movies and store them to watch later.

CinemaBox – This is another one of those apps which is most preferred by Android users to watch movies online. It has great features and provides entertainment without any interruptions. The app is safe for use on mobile phones. It does not load the phone with any Malware unlike many fake apps out there. The movies in this app are of HD quality. This app supports the use of Apple TV, Chromecast and WiFi sharing among others. The app also provides access to subtitles.

TerrariumTV – This is an app for Android users which is much talked about for its extensive collection of movies .The app can be used to download TV shows as well as movies.It supports Fire Stick, Fire Tv and even Chromecast. It provides subtitles in multiple languages. You can choose your favourite movies from the collection available and mark them for further viewing.


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