What Are PC Game Trainers?


Game Trainer:

Game Trainer is a kind of third-party program which will be running simultaneously with video games and hence allowing players to unlock specific game features and options. Every computer game use memory address to store specific data related to currently running game such as player health status, available weapons, ammo stock and similar information. A trainer is programmed in such a way that it will change these data according to the player’s needs.

How To Use Game Trainer?

Game Trainers are designed in such a way that almost every gamer will understand the logic behind it. Many trainers consist of only one executive file, but sometimes there may be couple of more files and libraries within the same folder. Almost every trainer comes with a detail explanation and usage instructions, stored in Readme.txt file. If there’s no Readme.txt, take a look for any file with .nfo extension and run it via Notepad or similar text editor.

The usual procedure is to run the cheat trainer and then run your game, only when the trainer window stays active. Cheat Trainers are programmed with many keyboard shortcuts that can be used to toggle on/off various trainer features while you are in game. When you are activating each trainer option, you will hear a sound message that you done the activation.

Some trainers may automatically start playing midi music when started. You can even turn off this feature by using button present somewhere within the graphic interface. If there’s no music switch button, it will probably stop playing when you start the game.

Examples for such trainer are Final Fantasy XV Trainer, No Mans Sky Trainer, Oxygen Not Included Trainer, Battlefield 5 Hack Trainer, SCUM Hack Trainer, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trainer, Just Cause 4 Trainer, Nioh 2 Trainer, RAGE 2 Trainer, Metro Exodus Hack Trainer, Dying Light 2 Trainer, Forza Horizon 4 Trainer and Two Point Hospital Trainer.

Most players having doubt that game trainers are harmful to your computer. But, they are absolutely not, but you should definitely pay attention while downloading any kind of content from the internet. Many people tend to upload various kind of malware to their websites and smuggle it as some kind of harmless software such as game trainers.

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