What does a Salesforce consultant do?


A sales force consultant handles the important task of customizing by making amendments to the sales force software suite. The sales force software helps businesses to grow with its customer relationship management or CRM protocol. The consultant further goes on to integrate all the businesses associated with an individual to establish it in the market. A sales force software is capable of handling all the CRM needs of a business ranging from technology to customers.

Functions of a sales force consultant

The main function of a sales force consultant is to customize the sales force software based on a client’s needs to make it relevant for a particular business. This can enable the onset of cordial relationships with clients or business associates which is very much essential for the growth of an organization.

A sales force consultant is directly involved in convincing the clients which can be thought of more as a customer support profile. After getting the business, he has to conduct a thorough analysis of the functional, business and technical requirements. The next step involves documentation or coding in case of a software project. Then he should plan and execute the testing phase efficiently. Once this is complete, the clients expect him to provide support for quality assurance testing and defect resolution. Additionally he should participate in all team meetings related to the project, and share ideas with peers, project managers, business analysts, system analysts and quality control teams. He should always available to support the team members.

A sales force consultant also has to help a customer when the latter is implementing the Sales force software. The consultant should see to it that the sales force software is integrated with the client’s systems in the first instance itself so that he can save time and money. After this he should put an effort to extend the platform through declarative or point and click development. The features of this process are custom reporting, automating complicated business processes. Then there should be the development of customer facing websites which are integrated into the Force.com platform in such a way that they do not appear on the Force.com platform. After all these processes, sales force consultants gain a traditional website experience even though they still will be involved in loading the data into the sales force environment which can later help the Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Executive teams in their line of work.

To become a Sales force consulting partners, a person should have a sound understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles, Model View Controller Design Pattern and Java or .Net programming knowledge

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