What Is The Necessity Of Paying Attention To Footwear At Workplace?


People usually wont take care of one area of the body which is their feet. Having the right kind of safety shoes that protect your feet is important, especially if you’re in an industry that requires you to be on your feet for whole day, or that has other hazards associated with it, such as construction work or manufacturing or chemical spills etc.

You may need a Steel Toe Work Boots with different feature at different working environment. For example, if you work in construction site, you may need a metatarsal guarded shoes or steel-toed boots. So, your safety boot differs according to workplace.

When you neglect to protect your feet, you could face foot related issues later in life and may open yourself up for other types of injuries, such as slips, trips, or falls, due to improper foot gear. Not only are these painful and inconvenient, but they might cost you in terms of doctor or hospital bills and having to take time off.

Is crucial to wear right type of safety boots?

When you wear the right type of shoe for your job, you can help improve safety and reduce the number of accidents that may occur in the workplace. It was estimated that only 20% of workers wearing safety boots in their workplace properly to avoid accidents. The “Bureau of Labor Statistics”, study of foot injuries found that three-quarters of the accidents happened to workers who weren’t following guidelines on safety gear.

Apart from safety wearing comfortable boots will simply make your day more feel comfortable. For example, a construction worker or other type of laborer might walk over 30,000 steps in a day. Having the right type of foot wear, like comfortable safety boots, can help support their feet and reduce the risk of injury.

And it is not just wearing the right type of safety shoes, your socks matter too. For example, if a person is on their feet for a significant portion of the day, their feet can give off as much as 200 ml of moisture daily. With shoes that allow for proper ventilation and moisture wicking socks, that person will be far more comfortable during their work day than someone with the wrong kind of foot gear.

Even, you can adjust your shoe size using socks. Whenever you feel tight over wearing boots, then wear thin socks. If the boots are little looser, then wear thicker shocks. Thus, it is important to pay attention while buying your correct pair of safety boots that suit your work environment.

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