Essential WhatsApp Marketing Features for Ecommerce Stores


Tons of ecommerce stores greatly benefit from bulk WhatsApp marketing. Plant a signup widget on your website and watch as opt ins soar. Remember, in order to grow your list, you must have an irresistible opt in incentive. Don’t simply assume that all customers want to engage via WhatsApp.

Facebook Integration

If you own an ecommerce store, chances are you have a pretty strong online presence. To dig a bit deeper, your social media platforms probably generate a ton of referral traffic. With that said, it’s important you prioritize social integration. You want fans to know about your WhatsApp marketing list, and engage accordingly. Look for a WhatsApp Bulk Sender provider that offers simple integration. Post your campaigns to Facebook at the click of a button. Don’t ever give away the actual offer on Facebook. Instead, simply tout your list, and the benefits of joining.

WhatsApp Contest

Use WhatsApp contests to grow your WhatsApp marketing list. Offer an appealing grand prize, as well as a smaller instant reward. You want your loyal subscribers to reap the benefits of list subscription, so don’t make them jump through hoops. Keep entry requirements simple, and to the point.

Drip Campaigns

Tons of WhatsApp Sender providers offer drip marketing, which allows you, the user, to send out automated WhatsApp campaigns. These campaigns revolve around a specific schedule. Let’s say a subscriber joins your list, and you want them to receive a message 24 hours after opt in. Drip campaigns easily allow you to fulfill this task.

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