Yamaha P115 wooden stand


Yamaha P115 is the newest offering from Yamaha and it is the ideal choice for university students, children’s bedrooms and other places where you wish to get a very good piano experience at a reasonable price. The Yamaha P115 is available in a premium package with most of the retailers. The packaging will comprise of the piano, the wooden stand, a triple pedal unit and a pair of headphones along with a keyboard seat. This Yamaha P 115 premium package looks stylish and even great at times.

A wooden stand is essential to protect the piano and to fulfil the necessary height requirements for sitting and playing a piano. The Yamaha P115 piano package comprises of items like the Yamaha P115 Black piano keyboard, music rest, sustain footswitch, triple pedal unit, wooden piano stand, adjustable height keyboard seat, headphones, power supply etc. This Yamaha P115 comprises of a Graded Hammer Standard or GHS keyboard. This unique technology makes the keyboard to feel heavier when playing bass parts and lighter while playing treble parts. If you keep on playing for a long time, the keys of this keyboard do not feel slippery because they are coated with a matte finish in order to obtain an authentic piano experience.

The Yamaha P115 wooden stand comprises of three pieces of wood, several brackets and some associated hardware. The brackets are usually pre fixed to the supporting sides and even the cross brace. The sides also have protective feet that are preinstalled at the base with the ability to change the rear pair for anti tip extensions in order to improve the stability of the device. The anti tip extensions provide the necessary support when pushing the unit away to stand up. It will help in maintaining the stability of the piano as the unit is very much lighter than a full sized piano.

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