Name Change Procedure for Minors


Name change involves a lengthy legal process. But every day we come across millions of people in India who wish to change their name for numerous reasons. Women change their name after marriage, some people change their names for legal processes, many others change their name just because it is too long, too short or difficult to pronounce.

Name change of minors is also common in India most prominently for numerological or astrological reasons. Some people also change their kids’ names for want of a more unique name or because of divorce or passing away of a parent in certain cases. In India, it is impossible to initiate the name change of a minor below the age of eighteen years without the permission of his or her parents.

The procedure for name change of minors is listed below to aid people

  • Affidavit – The first step is to get the affidavit done by a registered notary in your city. The affidavit should comprise of a declaration statement in which parents should give their consent and provide details such as the old name of the child and the date of birth. The affidavit should be made on a stamp paper and signed by a notary.
  • Photocopies – For name change of minors you have to provide photocopies of documents such as the birth certificate and address proof.
  • Application – You have to write an application in favor of the gazette department requesting them to change your name in all the records.
  • Newspaper Publication – In India, it is mandatory to get the name change details like new name,old name and the current residential address published in two newspapers where one of them should be a regional publication. Copies of affidavits and newspaper notifications should be made and kept by the applicant for future references.
  • Document Submission – The next step is to submit all the relevant documents like the original application,a demand demand draft for 100 rupees and photocopies of documents to the Gazette Department in your city of residence.

After submission of the documents, the department will look into the details and verifies all the documents. It will take around 15 to 20 days for the authorities to complete the verification and send the notification to your mentioned address by registered post. The Government authorities will publish your changed name in the State Gazette only if you are a Government employee.

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