Superhero Costume Ideas


Move over people, here come the super hero brigade! Come October and the western world immerses itself into planning and preparing for the festival of those long gone. Halloween is a festival that pays tribute to the dead ancestors so that they bless us and protect us and keep us safe from the evil spirits. It is a festival that has been celebrated since ages in the west.

Immensely popularized through Hollywood movies, today Halloween as a festival needs no introduction. The world has always been obsessed with the idea of super heroes. With immense success of movies based on super heroes, it provides people with superhero costume ideas and leaves a lasting impression. Also grownups too rate it as their preferred choice over others when it comes to choosing a costume to wear at the Halloween party. Face painting ideas for Halloween are also borrowed heavily from such movies.

Remember how in your childhood’s days you would dress in Halloween costume based on your favourite super hero character and your kid sister would want to look the best among all the little girls in their little Super heroine costumes?

There is a plethora of superhero costume ideas, based on the classic characters of Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Phantom, Mandrake the magician and Zorro among others. Some of the popular characters made famous by movies are Ironman, Mr. Fantastic X-Men, and Neo of the Matrix fame. The world shares a common obsession with super heroes. Countries all over the world have their very own Super heroes.

You can come up with indigenous superhero costume ideas and come up with your very own funny super heroes at the Halloween party. You have to first think of a name and decide upon a unique signature style and symbol; design a costume accordingly using old clothes, curtains or bed sheets, and there you are with your exclusive super hero, the latest in town.

People’s fascination with the supernatural gets reflected at the Halloween parties organized all over the towns. From superheroes to ghastly appearing Zombies as Halloween costume, to little girls trotting around in fancy costumes ‘saving the world with their super powers, people live the impossible lives, the life that only fairy tales are made of,  on this day.

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