What Sets Ujigami Apart From The Competition?


Ujigami, a software in manufacturing industries using special approach techniques such as Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS) and MES which makes it to stand apart from competitors.

Eliminate Special Cause Variation:

Most of the software systems approach involves offering tools to report common cause variation. But in case of Ujigami’s unique Product Directed Manufacturing System approach controls both common cause variation and special cause variation in order to provide the net result product with zero defect manufacturing.

Advanced Mistake Proofing:

Since the system is handling both product error proofing and process error proofing to track and control the quality of each serialized assembly. The system is also monitoring the entire production process in order to make sure that the manufacturing is properly done according to the requirements before it is released for shipping. Thus, comprehensive traceability is built into the software.

Dock-to-Dock Management and Control:

Ujigami software manages all the manufacturing and warehouse activities by means of controlling machine and operators directly which in turn will help to increase production and improve quality.

Flexible Manufacturing Environment:

Making changes in manufacturing industries seems to be difficult but with Ujigami software, it can be done easily whenever you want to change anything due to customer demands. No programming or special training is required and, you can just make any changes yourself.

Fastest Plant Floor Manufacturing System:

Speed is considered as a critical factor especially in automation and manufacturing industries. But with Ujigami, system responds quickly to anything and its latency is usually measured in milliseconds. This is fast enough to keep pace with the most advanced PLC and equipment. Here operators and machines don’t have to waste time waiting for the system to store data or determine the next requirement.

100% Browser Based:

Ujigami user interface works on any web browser such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and on any device such as computer, notebook, thin-client, tablet and smart phone. Here, you can select the hardware that is best for you. This also means that you can be connected to your plant floor from anywhere.

Though many other systems may work on above factors but, they cannot create a truly flexible manufacturing environment that gives the peace of mind that the Ujigami software solution delivers. This is why Ujigami software stands apart from other competitors.

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